Edenmae Estate

"Sustainably crafting unique wines for exceptional people"

A Boutique Winery passionately handcrafting Estate grown wines from their low yield blocks on the southern boundary of South Australia's glorious Eden Valley.  Old growth, dry grown & sustainably managed amidst native regeneration zones & plantations, Edenmae is quite the beauty!

With Eden Valley sitting boldly between the rich terrior of the Barossa Valley to the North & the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills to the South - Edenmae's crisp Riesling & aromatic Pinot grow surprisingly well alongside their spicy Shiraz & earthy Cabernet.

Each year their Riesling is the first variety ready for harvest.  Early in the morning, typically around March Edenmae bring a large crew in to hand pick the fruit.  By days end, the fruit is transported to a purpose built facility in the Barossa for whole bunch pressing, while the crew sit back for some cold beer on the lawns.  Whole bunch pressing ensures the delicate crisp style adored by all...  The resulting juice is then transferred to cold storage for fermentation & bottled as early as August, ready for summer drinking!  She's always typical of an Eden Valley Riesling - showing powerful citrus tones, embracing vanilla in maturity.

2013 saw Edenmae's Riesling juice split 50/50 to allow production of their first Sparkling Riesling, via Traditional Method!  She should be ready for release around mid 2016, after two full years on lees.

2014 saw Edenmae's Riesling go entirely into their Sparkling Cuvee blend "Trio"...  As the Estate is chemical free, management needs to be flexible & resourceful.  When the 14 Vintage saw botrytis appear in the Riesling block before it was ready to be harvested, the decision was made on the run to harvest along with the pinot within 24 hours & send in for Cuvee.  One of the beauties of thinking on the run is that their can be some stunning results, as with Edenmae's ever popular Trio!

2015 vintage was textbook, with the resulting Riesling released in September & displaying tones of citrus, lycee & abundant minerality.  Edenmae expects their 15 Riesling will prove massively popular as the weather warms up!

You'll also be interested to know that the Estate's also been squirreling away the pressings from their Riesling & have commenced limited release of a lovely Fortified Riesling available only at the cellar door.

Following on from Riesling, vintage then sees harvesting of Red varieties - Pinot Noir, Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon blocks, generally in that order.  All Estate reds are crushed onsite & commence open ferment immediately, being manually plunged & pumped over several times a day to encourage colour and flavour intensity.  Bees hover en masse, as they're attracted to the sweet sweet fruit - as the baume drops, the bees lose interest...  Once ferment is complete, all batches have the 'living daylight' basket pressed out of them & allowed to rest, prior to transferring to oak Hogs Heads & Barriques.  Edenmae's Pinot sits on 100% French oak, predominately new, over a 12 month period.  Likewise with their Cabernet, but over an extended 24 month period.  While the Shiraz parcels all see a combination of seasoned & new French Oak over 24 to 36 months.

Edenmae's Pinot Noir is every bit the full bodied Pinot!  They're the first to admit theirs is not 'varietally typical' when compared with the delicate Pinot's of Eastern Australia, but that's the way Edenmae roll...  They never hesitate to think outside the square!  As a result, it's important to keep an open mind when approaching her for the first time - she's from the Barossa, so packs a punch!  While claiming all the nose and palate of a Pinot, she's heavy drinking, yet smooth as silk.  Edenmae's tip would be to take her to a 'blind tasting' to confuse the hell out of all and sundry.  A massive hit with the Shiraz crowd!

2012 saw the Estate Pinot packed up after 8 months on French Oak & sent in for traditional method secondary fermentation.  This lovely Traditional Method Pinot Noir spent a full 2 years on lees and is beautifully yeasty & fruit driven.  The Estate wished to create a sparkling red, but only if they could make the perfect sparkling red...  they did!  The Sparkling Pinot was released in August 2015 & is proving so popular that the small batch will likely only see Cellar Door through 12 months.  Given it's a three year project to make this little jewel, the Estate plans to manage another batch in 2016, vintage permitting!

Edenmae's Cabernet Sauvignon blocks remain under renovation.  The vineyard as a whole has undergone extensive renovation over the past eight years, with the Top Cab Block proving the most difficult.  The Estate's Cabernet is quite earthy & rustic and picks up esters of Tea Tree & Eucalypt.  Quite pretty yet slow to mature, the Belle Cabernet definitely benefits from a few years in the cellar.

The Estate's Shiraz blocks dominate the Edenmae landscape.  With the oldest being 42 years now & the youngest at 14 years, they offer variety due to age & location.  The terroir about the property varies from block to block, with Eucalypt being spectacularly obvious in fruit coming from Brian's Block, Tea Tree from the Old House Blocks & typical cool climate pepper from the Dam Block.  As with the Estate as a whole, the Shiraz blocks are extremely low yield (1/2 tonne to the acre), producing seriously intense characteristics.  Some months prior to bottling Edenmae select the two best barrels of Old Vine Shiraz to produce their premium Maluka Shiraz.  The rest of the barrels are then blended to produce the daily tipple, the true star of the Estate... the Jess Shiraz.  While Maluka is smooth & characteristically 'old', Jess is a spicy, fruit driven, slap you about the face Shiraz!  Both are typical of the cooler climate Eden Valley & lighter in style than most Barossa Valley floor Shiraz.  In a rare text book vintage Edenmae may make the call to produce their super premium Cooper Shiraz, in a big bold Barossa style & what a ripper that is!